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15. David Gornoski on Biblical Mercy, Scapegoats, and the State as Vehicle of Human Sacrifice

BiographiesMedia and CulturePhilosophy and Methodology

Bob Murphy and David Gornoski discuss state violence and some healthy alternatives to a violence-based society.
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14. Murphy on Parables, Lizard People, and Good vs. Evil

BiographiesPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

Bob gives the context for his children’s book The Three Lads and the Lizard King , and covers a wide range of related issues.
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13. Dave Smith on Comedy, the Fed, Fatherhood, and Faith

BiographiesMedia and Culture

Bob Murphy and Dave Smith discuss the theory and practice of comedy, Dave’s discovery of Austrian economics,, and more.
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12. Gene Epstein on Commies, Krugman, and Crushing Debaters


Gene Epstein and Bob Murphy cover a variety of topics, including how Gene's reading of Rothbard’s Man, Economy, and State lead him to become a free-market libertarian.
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11. The Economics of Immigration and a Border Wall

Bureaucracy and RegulationWar and Foreign Policy

Bob provides an introductory framework on how to analyze the economics of immigration.
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10. This One Simple Fed Trick Earns the Bankers Billions

The Fed

Bob explains the new Fed procedure of "paying interest on reserve balances".
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7. Gödel Made Easy: Explaining One of the Most Important Mathematical Demonstrations of All Time

Philosophy and Methodology

Bob discusses Kurt Gödel's now-famous "incompleteness theorems," which showed the limitations of axiomatic systems of mathematics.
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