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Robert Blumen

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Robert Blumen, a software engineer with a background in financial applications. Blumen, who lives in San Francisco, has a physics degree from Stanford University and writes frequently for,, and other sites. He has spoken at economic and finance conferences on Austrian economics, and he is the editor of the podcast Software Engineering Radio.

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Real Bills, Phony Wealth

Money and BanksMonetary TheoryValue and Exchange

06/08/2005Mises Daily Articles
The Real Bills Doctrine (RBD) has a long and controversial history, writes Robert Blumen. Many of the key concepts originated with the monetary crank John Law.
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Weimar and Wall Street

Financial MarketsU.S. Economy

09/21/2004Mises Daily Articles
Periods of hyper-inflation are also periods of mass insanity, writes Robert Blumen.
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Debt and Delusion

Financial MarketsTaxes and SpendingCapital and Interest TheoryMoney and Banking

08/11/2004Mises Daily Articles
The economic purpose of capital markets is to provide a nexus between savers and borrowers for the financing of productive investment, writes Robert Blumen.
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Are Bubbles Efficient?

Booms and BustsFinancial Markets

02/03/2004Mises Daily Articles
Like the children of Lake Wobegon, writes Robert Blumen, many investors in the 1990s believed that stock market returns would always be above average. They were proven wrong. But Greenspan and many others advance a slightly different justification for the bubble: the efficient markets hypothesis,...
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The Dollar Crisis

Money and BanksGold Standard

12/09/2003Mises Daily Articles
The current international monetary system is based on floating fiat currencies and is constantly subject to unsustainable distortions. This much has been known to Austrians for some time, and Robert Blumen provides the background from Bretton Woods to the current day. Awareness of the problem is...
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