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Sudha R. Shenoy

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Sudha Shenoy (1943–2008) was a lecturer in economic history at the University of Newcastle, Australia. She held visiting posts at California State University, Hayward; Ohio University, Athens; George Mason University; and the Mises Institute. She was the author of India: Progress or Poverty (London, IEA, 1971), Underdevelopment and Economic Growth (London: Longman, 1970), and articles in the South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences and other journals, as well as book chapters. She is also the editor of A Tiger By the Tail: The Keynesian Legacy of Inflation by F.A. Hayek. See her interview in the Austrian Economics Newsletter.

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Investment Chains Through History

03/18/2011Articles of Interest
Indian Journal of Economics and Business, Special Issue ( 2007): 1
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Towards a Theoretical Framework for British and International Economic History: Early Modern England

Global EconomyWorld History

This mighty treatise is probably the first full Austrian treatment of development economics, with a model carved out of the writings of Menger, Mises, and Hayek.
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The Hayek-Keynes Debate, 1931-1971

World HistoryCalculation and KnowledgeCapital and Interest TheoryOther Schools of Thought

If the current level of output and employment is made to depend on inflation, a slowing down in the pace of inflation will produce recessionary symptoms. Moreover, as the economy becomes adjusted to a particular rate of inflation, the rate must itself be continuously increased if symptoms of a...
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The Hayek-Keynes Debate, 1931-1971

Business CyclesHistory of the Austrian School of EconomicsOther Schools of ThoughtProduction Theory

04/23/2009Mises Daily Articles
Hayek criticized Keynes for his neglect of the real structure of production, arguing that Keynes's predilection for concentrating on the immediate and purely monetary phenomena accompanying changes in money expenditure, together with his penchant for aggregative macro concepts ( total profits,...
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A Tiger by the Tail

Booms and BustsBusiness Cycles

Thanks to Economist Sudha Shenoy, here is the book on Keynesian economics that Hayek never wrote.
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